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The University of Warsaw is the largest university in Poland and best research centre in the country. More than 44 400 students are educated in its organizational structures. The high quality of teaching is reflected in the results of various rankings. According to these, the University of Warsaw is among the top 3% of universities in the world.

The Institute of Archaeology is the largest academic institution of its kind in Poland, one of the largest in the world. It is divided into 17 Departments and 7 Laboratories. It has a staff of ca 100 (researchers, lecturers, technicians and administration staff). The Institute offers instruction in most branches of modern archaeology and related sciences to over 1500 students from different areas of study. At present, the Institute of Archaeology is a unit of the Faculty of History. The Polish students are studying archaeology on all levels (bachelor, master and PhD) and for English speaking students, studies in 1st (bachelor level) cycle in Archaeology and 2nd (master level) cycle in "Bioarchaeology and archaeological science" are available.

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