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Why aren't you offering the course with accommodation provided?
We have decided to not include accommodation in workshop offer. The decision is mainly due to the character of University of Warsaw - like so many European universities we do not have a typical campus with student dormitories in one place. Rather all available university accommodation places require some travelling, so you'll need also to cover the transport (there are bikes for rent available: but be aware that the bike roads are not everywhere yet). If you are interested, here is the information provided by the university:
There are both students dormitories, as well as hotels for university guests available. It's hard to check daily costs for the room in the dormitories during summer, I can check if you like, but the prices for hotel guests are around 120-205 PLN depending on the standard and location of the hotel. As I do realise that it is not the most convenient, and students dormitories can be far from ideal (the rooms are usually not equipped with any bathroom, there is a shared one or two for the whole floor, and during the summer they often do some renovation work as well) I thought the abundance of hostels offering single rooms in the vicinity of so-called the main campus of the university (where the workshop will take place) is worth considering. Here is a list of nearby hostels:

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