Have you ever analysed cremated human remains?

Cremated or simply burned human remains are considered material requiring specialised attention, out of the scope of your everyday osteologists. But have you ever wondered what it takes to look for reconstructing biological profile from the highly fragmented and distorted bone elements? Or would you like to learn how properly excavate and document cremated burial from archaeological site? The Cremains Workshop presents the unique opportunity to learn about process of burning and then cremating human body as well as practical solution on excavation, documentationand analysis of the findings.
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The Cremains workshop is design to provide students and profesionals alike with introduction to exploration, description and analysis of human cremated remains. The experience gained during the course can be applied in Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Archaeology and Bioarchaeology. The workshop is supervised by skilled researcher (over 13 years of experience in analysing cremated remains).
The course provides practical workshops as well as theoretical basis presented in form of lectures (35 hours lecture + 35 hours of laboratory in 2 weeks). There is planned additional (separately paid) week of laboratory for participants wanting to spend additional time on practicing the gained skills.

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The course is taking place at the Institute of Archaeology of University of Warsaw. The University of Warsaw is located in the capital of Poland, one of the most dynamically developing European cities. Warsaw is the centre of political and economic life and has a lively social and cultural scene. Moreover, the place of lectures is located in the very center of tourist area of Warsaw (see map in Contact ). In middle of summer Warsaw has a lot to offer, so think about reserving additional couple of days to enjoy the capital of Poland

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