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Courses in English: 

Introduction to the Archaeology of Precolumbian America: Mesoamerica


During the first semester of this course a broad cultural region of Mesoamerica is explained in terms of its history, civilizational development, and processes that had occurred between particular cultures. It excludes the Maya, since they are the subject of a separate course (below). Short essay on a given topic is required at the end of the semester in order to pass the course.

Basic literature:

M. Coe, R. Koontz: „Mexico”, Thames and Hudson, 2008 (or newer edition)

G. Cowgill: "Ancient Teotihuacan", Cambridge, 2015

R. Townsend" "The Aztecs", Thames and Hudson, 2009

A. Joyce: "Mixtecs, Zapotecs, and Chatinos. Ancient Peoples of Southern Mexico", 2011


25 Centuries of Timekeeping: Introduction to the Ancietn Maya


This course is an introduction to understanding of the culture and precolumbian civilization of the Maya. A variety of cultural elements is tackled during the meetings, such as chronology and most important historical events, social structure and politics, cultural and economic exchange within the Maya World and beyond, religion, art and architecture, and basic facts concerning writing and calendar. Participants are encouraged to provide their own input and discussion during the meetings. Instead of passing an exam, participants are required to submit a short essay describing a state of discussion on a given topic or other scientific problem concerning the Maya.

Basic literature: 

R. Sharer, L. Traxler: "The Ancient Maya. 6th edition", Stanford 2006 -or- M. Coe: „The Maya” 8th Edition, Thames and Hudson, 2011.

N. Grube (ed.): „Maya. Divine Kings of the Rain Forest", 2008

S. Martin, N. Grube: "Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens", London 2008

M. Coe, S. Houston, "The Maya", 2015.

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