Tell el-Retaba - Egyptian citadel in Wadi Toumilat

Supervision: Dr. Sławomir Rzepka
Location: Tell el-Retaba, Wadi Toumilat, 35 km west of Ismailia, Egypt
Type of site: New Kingdom and a later settlement
Dating: Middle Kingdom– Ptolemaic Period

Tell el-Retaba lies at a strategic location, in the central area of Wadi Toumilat through which ran an important route linking Egypt with Syria and Palestine. This place is identified by many researchers with the Biblical Pithom. At least from the time of the XVIII dynasty a fortress existed at this location (earlier occupation is suggested by surface finds of pottery from the period of the Middle Kingdom). During the Late Period the site lost in importance to the nearby Tell el-Maskhuta, but settlement continued until the Ptolemaic Period.
Since April 2007 the site is investigated by the Tell el-Retaba Archaeological Mission, from the Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology UW, in co-operation with Slovak Aigyptos Foundation. Surface survey was made (including geophysical survey), to be followed by excavation in 2008. One of the project members is Dr. Anna Wodzińska.

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